Improve your training

Watching from the audience with a bird’s eye view one cannot really tell just how much energy it takes or how fit players have to be to keep up with the same. Table tennis requires a great exertion of speed and reactive skills, that can only be maintained through proper workout and good exercise. The amount of time and effort placed in your ping pong fitness and workout session will dictate just the type of athlete a player will become.


Like any other sports workouts and training sessions must be designed and tailored to the particular needs of the athlete. They must first find out:


  • What workouts improve speed and while using a great level of concentration?
  • Which energy systems are used during the games?
  • What stage of the session is it?
  • What are the muscle fibre types used?
  • What are the main muscles used and lastly
  • What are the main muscles use? so that, that can be an area of concentration.
  • Thinking about the length of the seasons and the short duration of the games can also be and important factor to consider, and one that might prove difficult in a lot of cases.


Contrary to what one may think those questions are not ones just easily answered by google or on a youtube video. It takes coaches and trainers who have some experience in the field to design a program based on the nutrition, health and prior injuries of the player to design a program that will be effective and not cause more harm.


There are some general training exercises one can think of just by analyzing the game of ping pong and noting some basic requirements as listed below:


  1. Endurance

It is required that the athlete be able to keep up with it’s competitors for however long the matches may last. To increase the level of endurance racing and tracking are very good start, with the intention of running the same distance in shorter periods of time which will also increase speed.


  1. Strength

Having to be in a particular position for long periods of time tends to wear the body out. Strength in this instance does not refer to large biceps and big muscle but rather your arm muscle strength and the strength in ones legs. This can be achieved through long and vigorous table tennis practice sessions. These sessions will get the muscles in the mode they will need to be in for an excessive amount of time and get the body prepared for long Table tennis matches. And will give your arms and legs the power they will need.


Table Tennis even though not as recognized as other sports do take the same level of commitment, training, work out and even stronger mindset as those said sports. A table tennis athlete has to be physically and mental prepared and focused if they are to stand out in their field. From taking runs to intense workouts and vigorous practices, these are just some of the many things one has to do to stay on top of their game.




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