Table tennis introduction

Table Tennis or you may as call Ping Pong, is one the most famous indoor games beside snooker and badminton. Table Tennis is hell fun and it does not have any age restriction. Easy to play and also very healthy.

Table Tennis is pretty famous a sport all over the globe. It is famous for its players which are popularly from Japan and China. It is played on a national and international level all around the world, and various competitions are also held in Asia and Europe.


Table Tennis History

Table Tennis came into being in the early 20s in England. It was named Ping Pong in the beginning. With fame and attention, it received the associations named the sport from Ping Pong to Table Tennis. As it seemed like the actual Tennis but on a smaller platform.

Table Tennis was also inducted in the grand competition such as the Olympics. The first Table Tennis competition took place in London, England back in 1926. Since that year this sport earned a hell of the attention and quickly gained its reputation among one of the world’s favorite sports. Japan and China have produced a lot of game winners since 1950. Before that table tennis was ruled by European players.


Table Tennis Counting Scores

It can either be played one on one or doubles for both men and women. A single game in Table Tennis has a set such as; 3 or 5. Every set has a match which consists of 11 points. The first player to score 11 points first with a margin of 2 points wins the set. A point can only be scored when the match starts. The corner sides of the table are not part of the table. However, the side edges of the table are not part of the legal point area.


How to play Table Tennis

A player starts the match by serving the ball for two points, then the players switch the serve. The match continues until or if the score reaches 10-10, then each player serves for one point. After a set, the table sides are changed by the players. When the matches get to the 5th set, then the table sides must be switched by the players after 5 points.


How to server

The light weighted ball is shown by the player and the palm must be open. The ball is tossed upwards about 6 inches and just before it hits the table it must be struck. The first hit of the ball must fall onto the side of the player making the serve and then go to the other player’s side. Then from the next hits onwards, every strike should make the ball fall onto the opponent’s side. If the serve touches the net, then it is known as Let serve. These types of serves are not scored.


Tools of playing Table Tennis

The playing tools for Table Tennis are rackets or paddles. There is rubber on either side of the rackets for grip and swinging the ball while striking. The table tennis ball is very lightweight and the size is about 40mm. Then there is the table which is 2.74 meters in the length and 1.52 meters in the width.

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