Organizations Influencing Table Tennis

Table Tennis like most sports, played professionally requires a level of formality in the form of an organization that governs it’s activities. While most countries would have a national association for table tennis there is one international federation that governs the operation of all these association; commonly known as the International Table Tennis Federation or ITTF.


The main Role of the International Table Tennis Federation is to oversee the rules and regulations of Ping Pong and also to seek out relevant technological advances that can be added to improve the sport of Table Tennis. The International Table Tennis Federation also holds the responsibility of making sure the organization of the varied International Table Tennis games and competitions are carried out effectively including the long standing World Table Tennis Competition which as been in effect since 1926.

As if that is not tedious enough the International Table Tennis Federation also manages it’s 226 member association and it’s activities to ensure that they are abiding by the regulations the federation has put in place.


It is important to note that the USATT is the national association for table tennis in the United States of America. The USATT was founded in 1933 and is Based in Colorado springs. The USATT is also an affiliate of the International Table Tennis Federation. The USATT serves 9000+ members and over 280 clubs throughout the United States and responsible for organizing over 300 tournaments on a yearly basis.

This organization also manages the national rating systems, The USA Table Tennis Magazine sent to its members, the listing of certified coaches, umpires and referees, the respective club activities and so much more. Sounds like a lot of work well, Ping Pong is serious business especially for those who has a passion for the sport.


Another association who has an impact in the Table Tennis arena are the Regional Associations. Let’s be real it is very unlikely that’s an organization this large manages so many clubs and activities on its own.

There are always persons behind the screen keeping everything in place and every one in its place these are the Regional Associations. You can find a regional association in various regions throughout the United States and in other countries. It is the regional association that is required to facilitate all State championships with the aim of acquiring 50 state championships. They are also responsible for finding the Regional League Team for each region and ensuring that there are training facilities in populated areas. They also oversee the complaints of the particular clubs and pass the information on where necessary.


Like all sports Table Tennis too has its governance and team of people protecting the integrity of the game and making sure the guidelines and regulations set to govern the sport of Ping pong are being followed, making sure coaches are certified and up to par. These associations and federations work with each other to enjoy the longevity of the sport they love. No doubt the sport of Table tennis will exist for years to come.


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